To give our families the most benefit from the child care subsidy, we have a session time fee structure in place.  We are open from 6:30am till 7:00pm. However, children can only attend for a maximum of 12 hours in one day. Our session prices are as follows:


12 hour session $132

10 hour session $128

9 hour session $125


Families will receive a statement via email every week showing the dates and fee charged for the two weeks ahead. Families must ensure their account is paid up in full, two weeks in advance at all times.

Fees will be direct debited from your account on your nominated day on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Childcare Subsidy (CCS)

Child Care Subsidy is a means-tested subsidy paid directly to the Service as a fee reduction. There are 3 factors that will determine a family’s level of Child Care Subsidy, which include:

  1. Combined Family Income
  2. Activity Test for both parents
  3. Service Type

Child Care Subsidy requires families to provide information and confirm current details by using the Centrelink online account through myGov. Here you will be asked to provide your combined family income estimate for the financial year, hours of recognised activity including work, training, study and volunteering and the type of child care your family uses. Once approved, you will be allocated a percentage and the maximum number of fortnightly hours to use at the service.

Allowable Absences

You can be paid CCS for any absence from approved care your child attends for up to 42 days per child per financial year. Additional absences beyond 42 days for certain reasons may be approved and paid. Please talk to us about the additional absences. Public holidays and sick days will be counted as an absence if the child would normally have attended the service on that week day.. You can access your child’s absence record on your online statement by selecting ‘View Child Care Details and Payments’ on your Centrelink online account. You can also do this using the Express plus Families mobile app. Please ask your centre director about make-up or swap days which are available subject to availability.


After hours collection

If a parent is running late and the centre is due to close, it is their responsibility to contact the centre to let them know the expected time of arrival. An additional charge will be payable onto to their next statement at the rate of $1 per minute overtime.

In the event the children are not collected by the centre’s registered close time, and the staff have tried to call all the contacts on the child’s enrolment form and the family has not notified the centre in regard to being late or given the name and time of the person who will come and collect the child, then the centre is required by law to contact the Department of Children’s Services. They will then instruct staff on the next action; the Department may even come and collect the children or notify the police and they may come and collect the children.

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